—Can you hear the alarm bells?
—I think they’re just in your head.
—Hmmm… I don’t feel well.

Except for the first verse
that song could be all mine,
I guess.

I just have this thing with the past.
“Nostfilia”, he said once.
“I will steal the name”, I planned.
But it was “algia” today.
It certainly was.

If you ask me, I don’t like to be chained;
I asfixiate.

I was drowning today,
I didn’t know where the water came from.

Was it when he asked?
Did somebody asked…?
But what did he say?
(Who the fuck could think that?)

So, did the river flood
and devastate
my mind?

—I am just confused,
I think I said out loud.

I am just confused
about the bright colors in my mind
which Pantone is the pain inside?)

I was singing Shallow in my sleep
thinking about a refuge,
a rounded ruby bright red
protector inner circle
of the core.

But I still feel
the panic attack
within myself.
That’s just what it was.