Clouds are getting full
so you close all your windows.

Down the road,
I see the sign,
the one he hanged,
marcando la afrenta
indeleble en mi mente.

Siento de nuevo el río
atravesar, sin más opciones:
¿is it love or is it pride?
Elegiría siempre el amor,
but lover demands…

And as the river
cuts through the land
into the side of love,
then I take the right detour
to the other side.

Entro a la choza,
olor a madera cálida.
I just want to protect and hide
the remains of my heart.

The clouds are getting full
with poison purple rain,
the river starts to flood
spreading shame and pain.

So I close all the windows
but one,
so I can reach out with my hand
y tantear el agua,
pero además,
tocar a la luciérnaga y su llama.

I lay down on a nest,
not a craddle
but a cuddling place;
with nobody else in there.

Alas rotas,
just a spot to rest
entre la paja, almohadas,
surrounded by music;
intense smell of pine and fir
brilliant geranium flowers, pink.

Tiendo mi mano
a través de la ventana
cause I will always persist.

Una luciérnaga se posa;
I feed her with candy and bliss,
with beauty and éxtasis.

For every memory, a guard.
I’ll feed them one by one
to the fireflies.

And they can sense
the change in the air,
and they will hide everywhere
in the evening wintergreen.

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