Estaba respirando brasas,
asfixiándome entre el fuego,

completamente desalentada
como para salvarme del incendio.

Ok, I would do as they say.
I don’t need any more danger
in my head.

I won’t complain
ni lo mencionaré otra vez.

Luego, cerré todas las puertas,
pero dejé las llamas dentro.

No pensé volver a sentir
lo que estoy sintiendo.

(feel?, ¿qué?).

Pero vi por la ventana
la luz del atardecer.

Lo siento, yo…
simplemente tenía mucho miedo.

Déjenme ser, por favor:
perderme es lo único que no tolero.


Not a big surprise,
you, shadow, night.
I must have known by now,
of course.

But still …
I’m told now
that love from you
then … just died.

I feel I should mark this day
on the cosmic records of ours,
you know, for the sake of her,
the lost asterist of the triad.

I saw that day
—that ancient past—,
I lost my mind.

I saw this day
—this present apart—,
it broke my heart.

(But I just stared at the evening light
—so clear and sweet, so calm—
and suffocate the pain inside.)

Thirty years passed tonight:
you flee.
And I’m sworn
to let you leave.
Maybe in time
you won’t want to be mine.

I don’t want el mañana to come
porque cancela el infinito
and I’m not sure what to do with that.
(But I will find out).

¿Do you hear the sirens
at the beginning y al final?
I swear to you
I hear them in my head
everytime since you commited

And if you want the answer
to your question
that comes in so late,
then it is there.
Even when I say it’s not,
there’s the cause you search for.

Because I saw that day
and I lost my mind
again and again.

And I see this day,
the (de)finite one,
but, Lord, I’m fine.