You come again,
¿qué puedes querer?

To remind me again
todo aquello
otra vez,
remover esta lava
con recuerdos,
deshojar la paja
contra el viento.

Creo que eso.

You want
la muerte entre mis dedos,
absurdos festejos.

how is to give birth
de entre los muertos,
how is to come to life
desde el miedo.

Desde las ruinas, su silencio;
no importa más.

El olor en mi cabello,
contra la lluvia torrencial.

I hate you,
detesto recordar.


It’s white,
como una cortina
de metal
contra el pecho,
en el lugar
en el que estaba
la espada.
contra donde habitaba
la confianza.

[Anything can happen now.]

And she is just staring
at the love that got lost
by the undecipherable reaction,
at the disappeared trust.

[Nada volvió otra vez].
[Nada se olvidó].

But she can laugh [now].
Pero puede amar.


—Carmesí sobre la nieve.

—What happened?
—He fell asleep;
I kept looking
at the window.

»I just sneaked out
and came home.

»In the streets
I saw the frost,
fearing it would be Kais,
thinking there would be blood
over the snow.

—But there’s not.
—No, there’s not.

—No carmesí,
no Kais,
just snow.
—Rest now,
you are safe home.



Iluminada por el sol,
arranca a besos,
la serenidad
duramente adquirida.

Cierra los ojos,
con serpientes:

una perla,
una cuenta
de oro blanco,

un brillante,
un aro
de humo

remata el extremo
con un nudo

Encendida por el sol,
muestra reflejos,
e indicios.

Abre los ojos,
con esquirlas.

remata el final
con un nudo
de infinito.




Clouds are getting full
so you close all your windows.

Down the road,
I see the sign,
the one he hanged,
marcando la afrenta
indeleble en mi mente.

Siento de nuevo el río
atravesar, sin más opciones:
¿is it love or is it pride?
Elegiría siempre el amor,
but lover demands…

And as the river
cuts through the land
into the side of love,
then I take the right detour
to the other side.

Entro a la choza,
olor a madera cálida.
I just want to protect and hide
the remains of my heart.

The clouds are getting full
with poison purple rain,
the river starts to flood
spreading shame and pain.

So I close all the windows
but one,
so I can reach out with my hand
y tantear el agua,
pero además,
tocar a la luciérnaga y su llama.

I lay down on a nest,
not a craddle
but a cuddling place;
with nobody else in there.

Alas rotas,
just a spot to rest
entre la paja, almohadas,
surrounded by music;
intense smell of pine and fir
brilliant geranium flowers, pink.

Tiendo mi mano
a través de la ventana
cause I will always persist.

Una luciérnaga se posa;
I feed her with candy and bliss,
with beauty and éxtasis.

For every memory, a guard.
I’ll feed them one by one
to the fireflies.

And they can sense
the change in the air,
and they will hide everywhere
in the evening wintergreen.


Tan pronto como acabes el invierno
y des por terminado el frío
y el negro,
I will take you for a ride
down a peaceful road (outside).

[—¿Un último pensamiento? —I asked.]
[—No, I think I’m fine.]

And you won’t get lost;
solos tú y yo.

[—I really genuinely don’t…]
[—Then I’ll be with you all the way.]

As soon as your winter is off
and you forego the dark
and the cold,
te llevaré a un paseo
por un camino sin dolor.

[—Any last thoughts?]
[Pero él dijo: —No.]
[And he was gone.]

Do / don’t

Breathing danger,
the heat in my lungs.

My feelings are
inconsequential right now.
All we need
it’s to get out of here.

Las brasas,
the image on loop:
I do and I don’t,
I do and I don’t,
you must know.

It’s a light so bright,
a beautiful call
that I behold.

But how about him,
whom I met today?
I fear I will never know.