Pausa, olvidos (poesía)

No recuerdo mis sueños / No recuerdo mis sueños.

Danzas interminables y misiones incumplidas ocupan confusamente mis noches. No recuerdo. / Futuros oscuros y metas inalcanzables, y yo sólo miro al suelo. No recuerdo.

Foto: SXC

Foto: SXC

Morana (poesía)

Dark and silent,
she’s there,
by the side of the road
that you’re suffering through.

Black hair, pale skin,
shining eyes in the shadows,
devilishly beautiful
and obscure.

You’re running fast
—solitary highway, night—
but still you see her
waiting silent, dark

staring at you
with an infinite look
that comes through ages
and through immeasurable pain.

«¿Will you come?»,
she asks,
or at least you hear those words
in the echoes of your mind.

«¿Will you be mine?»,
she demands.

And you’re compelled to
turn the wheel
and go right to the spot
where she awaits

even if that means
crashing into the wall,
into the mountain,
against life.

That’s what she wants:
For you to go home.

But you think of that
in a flash:

«¿Is that really home?
¿Is she real at all?
¿Or is she just in my head
like they always say?»

Beautiful Morana,
go away.

Beautiful Morana,
the fuck

And you slow down,
keep the wheel straight,
and say goodbye
for now
to her.


Silenciosa y oscura,
ella espera
a la orilla del camino
que atraviesas.

Negros cabellos, piel pálida,
ojos brillando en la sombra,
endemoniadamente hermosa
y negra… (Sigue leyendo en Salto al reverso)

Fotografía de Edgar Salazar publicada originalmente en Dimedio Estudio.

Fotografía de Edgar Salazar publicada originalmente en Dimedio Estudio.



Una noche larga,

in black