Madly :)

No, I don’t like cars.
But now my bag is full of them.

And certainly
I don’t like the
‘ba-ba’… balón,
or to play futbol.

And no, my name is not ‘dadá’
or ‘dedé’,
or just a plain loud cry.

Nor do I like the perpetual chaos
and the mess.

Oh, boy, but how much I laugh these days.

: )

And how thrilled I am now
to see a helicopter
or a ‘cuac’,

la lavadora,
el coche
o el ‘guagua’.

And how scared I am
of your ‘cara de monstruo’
or your shark bites.

And how grateful I am
when you fall asleep
in my arms.

But more than that,
I am madly in love
with the perfect cabezota
that you have.

And I absolutely did love
the way you said today

: )



Do you know
that color yellow
pale and light?

I know you do
porque así era
la raíz de tu pelo,

Do you remember
the bright connection
that we had?

La pongo sobre mi pecho,
la hago aflorar.

It is soft and pure and rounded
like your eyes.
It is a warm pool of honey
full of stars.



Junto con las notas del piano
susurro tu nombre que no existe
o más bien que olvidé
cuando te dejé

Y tras la melodía suave
de bienvenida
escucho una despedida fuerte
y decisiva

¿Será entonces éste el lenguaje
que los dos podemos comprender?

Sólo tú y yo
y nadie entenderá de qué hablo
nadie entenderá de quién hablo
sólo tú y yo
cuando murmure bajo

Quiero quitarle el tono
de sufrimiento y súplica
y sólo dejar la ternura

En dos minutos y medio
puedo callarme el rechazo
y decirte sólo que te quiero

que aún no puedo

que sigo temblando
y murmurando
y llorando con el piano



I think I saw you
through a tunnel,
through the ether.

And I was left speechless.

But I understood.

I was thinking of her;
her wrist tied to mine
with a string.

¿Would you accept
to be bound to me,

My eyes were staring at the drops.
In front of me, the water, the wall,
and surrounding me, the mist
and the presence of everyone I love.

And there I saw you.

And I got it, boy,
that you are a soul.

Beau-ti-ful soul.

My lips were silenced,
my heart was struck.

I dreamt of you.
And I understood.

Fotografía: 'Kite on a finger' por Daniel Herd / CC BY

Fotografía: ‘Kite on a finger’ por Daniel Herd / CC BY