Madly :)

No, I don’t like cars.
But now my bag is full of them.

And certainly
I don’t like the
‘ba-ba’… balón,
or to play futbol.

And no, my name is not ‘dadá’
or ‘dedé’,
or just a plain loud cry.

Nor do I like the perpetual chaos
and the mess.

Oh, boy, but how much I laugh these days.

: )

And how thrilled I am now
to see a helicopter
or a ‘cuac’,

la lavadora,
el coche
o el ‘guagua’.

And how scared I am
of your ‘cara de monstruo’
or your shark bites.

And how grateful I am
when you fall asleep
in my arms.

But more than that,
I am madly in love
with the perfect cabezota
that you have.

And I absolutely did love
the way you said today

: )


I need to die tonight
the way the swan dies
and then it lies still
because I still…

I need to agonize
and gasp for air
for one last time
so I don’t forget

the search d’armes,
the deep ravines,
the solitude,
the forced quietud,

el frenesí,
the tenderness,
the world that broke,
cet désiré avenir.

And there’s a frozen lake
over which we danced.
Et il y avait un partenaire
avec qui j’ai dansé.

A steady hand to hold
through the fouettés,
giros, turns,

But life is a solo
sin él.

So there’s a frozen lake
to put away the tristesse.
Il y a un lac gelé
pour ranger the despair.

Hay un lago congelado,
lila, púrpura, azulado
qui maintient la mémoire figée
y el amor intacto,
puro, honesto,

So I can die away
as the solemn cello breaks,
as the intemporel home fades,
as all collapses again,
until the end.

And as I take
one last breath:

my final relief
from pain.

«Victoria», #fotografía por Crissanta.