Estaba respirando brasas,
asfixiándome entre el fuego,

completamente desalentada
como para salvarme del incendio.

Ok, I would do as they say.
I don’t need any more danger
in my head.

I won’t complain
ni lo mencionaré otra vez.

Luego, cerré todas las puertas,
pero dejé las llamas dentro.

No pensé volver a sentir
lo que estoy sintiendo.

(feel?, ¿qué?).

Pero vi por la ventana
la luz del atardecer.

Lo siento, yo…
simplemente tenía mucho miedo.

Déjenme ser, por favor:
perderme es lo único que no tolero.

The Unforgiven

I can’t stand this
for too long,
so I will be brief:

You never heard that song,
but it was about you,
about us.

But it is not anymore.

Because I forgave you, d,
right there on the spot,
and even since long before.

I forgave everything,
I told you so,
in your ear, d,
when you were d…

I’m completely fucking broken up.)



Two days after solstice
I came to be
in the

After months/years
of merely
in the inner dark.

And after I said
«No more of that:
no more of you,
no more of Death.

And then he said:
«From now on,
only life.
Everything starts

And I said back:
«From now on,
only life.
Everything starts

And then I saw
the soothing sun
sobre las aguas
del mar.

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