Something’s missing
and not.

Todo es muy extraño.

como cada año.
Y no.

Al menos esta vez no fui yo
quien terminó llorando.

De cualquier modo…

Sé quién soy
y no puedo/quiero

ni ceder
un solo palmo.

But no one
could ever
sit in his chair

como yo,
sobre el brazo,
a su lado.

But no one
could ever
sit in his chair,

take his spot,
estar a cargo.

I’m just smiling
(because I’m crazy these days),
but I don’t really want it.

The Unforgiven

I can’t stand this
for too long,
so I will be brief:

You never heard that song,
but it was about you,
about us.

But it is not anymore.

Because I forgave you, d,
right there on the spot,
and even since long before.

I forgave everything,
I told you so,
in your ear, d,
when you were d…

I’m completely fucking broken up.)